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So many of my friends, family and clients ask how I got into Origami Owl. I attended my first Jewelry Bar during the Summer of 2012 and fell in love with the concept of Living Lockets and floating charms. The designer assisting the hostess, my mentor now, presented the company as an opportunity and everything that Bella Weems wanted her prodigy to be. A Force for Good.... what does that mean to you? A Force for Good to me, is inspiring others, helping those in need and letting God's Will be done through actions and words. As Origami Owl designers, we strive to bring happiness into our hostesses and their guests lives on a personal level. Living Lockets tell a story, and not just any story. The company has continued to grow and the products available have bloomed into endless possibilities! Tell your story through personal engraved plates with your own script, choose charms that mean something to you, choose a set of earrings that match exquisitely with your necklace, or choose an alluring memento from the CORE collection. I enjoy the opportunity made available to me, and I love what I do as an Origami Owl designer. Browse the collections and play with ideas for your very own set of Origami Owl jewelry. Premium quality jewelry at affordable prices and something to appeal to all ages.

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